C Squared Systems Solutions

C Squared Systems, LLC (C2 Systems) provides products and services to help our clients manage, grow, and secure their critical communication systems.  This includes designing, building, monitoring, maintaining, managing, improving and expanding cellular, Wi-Fi and Land Mobile Radio (LMR)/Public Safety Radio communications systems.

Founded in 1999, C2 Systems specializes in providing seamless wireless coverage, for both in-building and outdoor environments. We have teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians with extensive, real-world experience in all phases of Cellular and LMR/Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations. C2 Systems’ LMR/Public Safety products and services are currently protecting millions of people throughout the world, serving many of the largest communications systems and venues. Customers trust us as a key partner to help them: know their systems are ready, minimize downtime, speed problem resolution when seconds count and ensure they have the coverage they need.

Carriers, neutral hosts and individual network owners in telecom, public safety, enterprise facilities and venue locations rely upon C² Systems’ expertise. C² Systems combines Subject Matter Expert level skills over multiple offerings to deliver network management and monitoring software and to provide our customers with the best wireless solutions.

LMR/Public Safety, Cellular, DAS & Wi-Fi

·        Consulting and project management

·        Code compliance

·        Design services and reviews

·        Surveys, commissioning and testing

·        Installation

·        Maintenance and monitoring

Macro Cell & LMR Site Services

·        Design

·        Coverage testing: drive & in-building

·        PIM testing and interference resolution and analysis

·        Engineering services



Remote Monitoring & Management

·        SitePortal® monitoring software

·        Turnkey remote monitoring solutions

·        Custom software development

·        Remote monitoring system review and design

·        Best in class generator and power plant support

·        Ticketing and documentation management

RF Services

·        Capacity & network optimization

·        RF zoning support

·        EMF compliance

·        Benchmarking and testing

·        Installation and commissioning

·        Site survey and design

Hardware Solutions

·        SiteGate – Monitoring edge gateway providing security and low latency

·        SiteProbe – Service probe to measure customer experience

·        SiteWatch – High quality, low cost data acquisition module