Distributed Antenna Systems

In today’s world, the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other wireless devices is far-reaching.  The need for a Distributed Antenna System is essential.

InBuilding_Coverage_DesignWith nearly 70 percent of wireless traffic indoors, the ability to communicate and access information anywhere is not just a luxury, it’s a demand. The challenge is that structures inhibit wireless signals, especially in high-density usage areas. The result is lost connectivity. With an in-building wireless system, spotty or no signal strength will no longer be an issue.

Experience and Know How

With more than a decade of turnkey Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installation experience, our certified in-building wireless engineers provide exceptional solutions. We utilize advanced tools to analyze how networks co-exist and interact. At C2 Systems, we do not treat a DAS system as a separate network, but as an integration and improvement of the network.

DAS Solutions for any Environment

By implementing a DAS, your mobile network coverage issues will disappear.  A DAS will enhance your cell coverage through the installation of small antennas throughout the building.

C2 Systems creates customizable turnkey in-building and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS and oDAS) that provide any building, stadium, venue, or campus enhanced wireless network performance. No matter how complex the environment, our advanced experience, analysis, and technologies provide increased capacity and better coverage, keeping users connected.