SiteGate is a secure network appliance that is installed at remote sites to provide a secure gateway connection to deployed devices (batteries, generators, HVAC, microwave, etc.).  Devices are connected to SiteGate  which provides a smart firewall. SiteGate protects the network while simultaneously gathering vital information from all connected devices.

Increased Security

  • Firewall security of all deployed venue devices to protect private internal network and prevent unnecessary network configuration changes
  • SiteGate provides full access look and feel to outside network device web interface via a secure environment on SiteGate
  • SiteGate polls outside plant devices which is accessed by SitePortal® – no pass-through to outside plant devices
  • Easier to upgrade SiteGate for security purposes as opposed to each individual sub-devices

Access Control

  • Remote
    • Control access via multiple user accounts so only certain devices can be seen/accessed
    • Limit functionality based on user roles
  • Site
    • Control which users have access at the site

IP Address Advantages

  • One IP address required for all monitored devices at the site/venue without a need for port forwarding
  • Ability to convert multiple IPv4 and/or IPv6 devices into a single IPv6

More Efficient Updates

  • Reduce network bandwidth by only reporting changes while extracting more alarms, properties and other updates from your devices
  • Receive updates faster between SiteGate and the deployed devices to detect changes and gather information for the primary SitePortal® server instead of waiting for longer poll intervals