Any network can encounter performance issues that need to be addressed.

WiFi_Spectrum_AnalysisThese issues can include breaks in infrastructure and interference causing uplink (UL) noise. A network that is performing at less than optimal standards needs to be dealt with fast and the key is identifying the culprit responsible for network performance challenges.

Thorough Analysis

The C2 Systems team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers and technicians perform a thorough examination of the environment to locate network performance obstructions. Often times this can be solved remotely with our proprietary software. For more challenging issues we conduct a more thorough evaluation of the environment.

In addition to basic signal strength measurements and installation quality inspection, our in-depth analysis techniques can include:

  • Interference troubleshooting
  • Intermod testing
  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) testing
  • Sweep testing
  • Uplink noise
  • Throughput speeds

Stadium_SoftHandoff_OptimizationOnce we identify the performance issue, we can recommend a solution or fix the problem.