Capacity and Network Optimization

It’s no secret that technology is always evolving and advancing at a rapid pace.

As technology and user needs evolve, networks need to adapt to these requirements. Neglecting to do so will leave your network environment stagnant. C² Systems can examine your network’s performance and bring it back up to speed. Our teams of engineers and technicians have been improving existing networks for more than a decade. We take a consultative approach to every project which enables us to understand your network environment and provide a superior solution.

Capacity is the number one concern at most large venues these days. Today’s cellular voice and data technologies requires planning for multiple zones/sectors as well as factoring in fiber spares to help ensure future-proof architecture. Optimizing these networks often relies upon a solid design to minimize soft hand-off and maximize capacity.

Wi-Fi networks also have a similar demand for capacity. With the number of limited unique channels available for the unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum, this can be a challenging design obstacle requiring knowledge of RF propagation and 802.11 protocols. This is especially true with the latest 802.11 AC standards, that while improving theoretical throughput speeds, also detracts from unique available channels. Optimization and capacity upgrades for a robust Wi-Fi network is more involved than simply adding additional access points as it is often more important to control interference with the limited available channels.