Public Safety Solutions

Monitor, find and resolve issues before they take down your communications system.

C Squared Systems’ SitePortal® gives Public Safety agencies unprecedented insight and control of their communications systems. It maximizes system uptime by finding problems before they take down your system. If a failure does occur, SitePortal gives you the information necessary to fix the problem on a single truck roll.

SitePortal is more than just alarm reporting. It is an advanced network monitoring & remote management system (NMS) for large-scale, distributed Public Safety Communications infrastructures and related equipment. It provides real-time information, rapid problem solving and proactive management to ensure critical network uptime.

Keeping critical communications open – whether in daily operations or for extreme emergency events demands a monitoring system that delivers continuous communications. It demands SitePortal.

SitePortal is:

  • The industry’s most robust network monitoring and management tool
  • Trusted by the world’s biggest network operators (including FirstNet’s broadband partner) and facilities managers
  • Designed to capture critical communications systems data from multi-vendor environments
    secured municipal link status

    Secured Municipal Link Status

  • Monitors entire environment supporting your communications network
    • RF performance
    • Backhauls
    • Environmental
    • Emergency power
    • Networking
    • HVAC
    • Generator
    • UPS
  • Integrates an unlimited number of devices for full system monitoring, management, and future proofing
  • Built-in document management system for equipment specifications, technical documents, repair notes and on-site contact information