SitePortal® DAS Monitoring

Developed by C2 Systems, SitePortal® is the most robust Distributed Antenna System (DAS) monitoring software available.

Designed specifically for monitoring wireless networks, SitePortal® is currently deployed across 5,000 DAS venues and is monitoring over 24,000 remote units.


DAS networks rely on a variety of device types to function.  With the ability to monitor DAS equipment from all major equipment manufacturers, SitePortal® will provide you with full visibility into the health of your system and its devices.  This will ensure that the DAS is performing the way it should and alert you when it is not.  SitePortal®’s versatile capabilities provide the ability to monitor an assortment of DAS equipment including:DAS Monitoring

  • Repeaters
  • DAS Trays
  • Network equipment
  • Generators
  • Climate Control
  • Power Plants
  • Battery Backup
  • Security


C2 Systems understands that every DAS venue is unique with its own set of challenges, which is why SitePortal® was designed with versatility in mind.  SitePortal®’s features were built upon the variety of needs different environments require.  SitePortal® provides our DAS monitoring service to the most complex deployments in the following environments:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Transportation Tunnels
  • Universities