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Every second counts, whether you’re managing 5 or 5,000 devices.  Without knowing if your network is functioning properly, issues can grow out of control rapidly.

SitePortal® has advanced remote monitoring capabilities for quick identification of issues before they grow into customer complaints or bigger problems, resulting in wasted expense, human resources, and lost revenue.  SitePortal® is easy to use, gives you full control, and provides full visibility into your environment.  Best of all, SitePortal® goes substantially beyond alarms and configuration.

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Key Features

  • Intuitive functionality
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Unified network management
  • Robust reports and analytics
  • Accountability and tracking

Core Functionality

  • Scan and receive alarms from devices
  • Network tree structure of venues and devices
    • View relevant information based on selected device or folder
  • Notifications for alarms and events
    • Customizable delivery methods (phone, email, SMS)
    • Ability to apply notification settings (times, for what events)
  • Alarm and Parameter History – Troubleshooting often requires historic information
    • Is this happening all the time?
    • What led up to the problem?
    • What changed that could have caused a problem?
  • Custom thresholds
    • Customize threshold settings for each venue and/or device so that proactive notifications can be raised upon degradation instead of complete system failure
  • Summary Reports
    • Automatic summary reports are important to analyze performance over time, set priorities from a higher level, and see historic response time and accountability
  • Graphing
    • Quick absorption of large data sets to quickly identify issues, changes, trends and more
  • Documents/Notes/Contacts
    • Outside reference information and documentation is immediately available and associated with devices
  • Mapping – An essential tool to see your entire network geographically or at the venue level