Benchmarking and Testing

It is important to have the most knowledge about an environment before deploying any wireless network solution.InBuilding_ExistingCoverageTest

There are many barriers to the implementation and performance of a wireless network. Obstructions like walls, doors, terrain, and even people are impediments to signal strength. C² Systems’ teams provide thorough analysis to ensure the success of every installation. From in-building testing to drive testing, C2 Systems ensures every coverage area is thoroughly examined and analyzed.

NewCellSiteDriveTestIn-building cellular/voice testing for understanding wall losses and coverage characteristics utilize the same set of collected technology and service information as outdoor macro network drive testing for analyzing coverage gaps or interference, however they are conducted within a different environment and scale. Measurements made while analyzing Wi-Fi networks are performed similar to in-building cellular testing but the technologies and services are vastly different.

WiFi_BenchmarkingTestAs part of a thorough In-Building and Wireless Consulting analysis some of the collected parameters can include: reference signal received power (RSRP), reference signal received quality (RSRQ), received signal strength indication (RSSI), RXQUAL, frame error rate (FER), signal quality error (SQE), Ec/No, bit error rate (BER), and more. While for Wi-Fi networks, we collect information like RSSI, signal to noise ratio (SNR), noise, 2nd/3rd best RSSI, packet loss, packet retry rate, SSID utilization, and access point security settings.