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SitePortal® Advantages

SitePortal® is designed for network managers, technicians, and engineers that need a web-based network management system that is designed for complex networks.

Monitoring and managing a complex networks requires a network monitoring platform which dramatically reduces time spent chasing notifications, provides contextually-stored documents relevant to the device they are monitoring, and proactively identifies device faults before they cause outages. SitePortal® is and advanced network monitoring solution that delivers enhanced network control while providing cost savings.

Network Monitoring Advantages


  • Effortless Usability – Dashboard, native web, plug-and-play
  • Customizable – Group/rename
  • Complete Management Tool – Notifications, notes, permissions and more


  • Manage and monitor multiple devices from one interface
  • Control multiple sites simultaneously

Cost Savings

  • One common software for all devices, manufacturers and facilities
  • Automates call-out notifications limiting human error and cost
  • Virtual plug-and-play adding devices for quick integration
  • Remote troubleshooting and controls to reduce OPEX expenses

Adds Value to a Number of Functional Groups

  • Engineers – Interface and troubleshooting, revision documentation
  • Technicians – Problem notification, maintenance logs, document references and fault instructions
  • Sales and Account Managers – Ensure quality service, reduce churn and guarantee customer satisfaction

Beyond SNMP

  • Specific device drivers (HTTP, SSH, telnet, etc.)
  • Legacy devices may not support SNMP
  • Going beyond SNMP allows for detailed analysis of operational parameters