DAS Maintenance and Monitoring

The key to establishing a reliable network, once deployed, is knowledge and upkeep.

You need to know that your network is performing to its maximum capacity and regularly maintain its infrastructure. Quick identification of potential issues to the network and routine inspection helps avoid costly fixes and network downtime.

C2 Systems employs the most advanced methods to ensure your network is safeguarded. Our offerings include our industry leading remote monitoring and management tool, SitePortal®, as well as an in-house team of experienced technicians to keep watch over your environment.  Additionally, our intelligent security network appliance product, SiteGate, provides a secure gateway to all connected devices and affords you the ability to constantly monitor your environments in a secure fashion.

On-going DAS Maintenance and Optimization

Over time networks change and degradation can occur.  As important as it is to deploy an advanced DAS network, it is equally as important to have it properly maintained.  C2 Systems offers a full DAS Maintenance Service that can be deployed to troubleshoot and make repairs to DAS systems in any environment.  Our goal is to ensure your DAS is performing at the highest level.